African Venison-Venison Cured Ham





African Venison – Venison Cured Ham (NEW)
Conservation through eating venison
All venison we use has been harvested in the most ethical way. We control its origin and every step of the way from the felt to your palate.
So when you eat some of our delicious venison products, you actually do a lot for wildlife conservation in Africa.
Although our Infused Biltong is great, we craved for some “European style” cured venison meat products that couldn’t be found in South Africa. This is how our Venison Cured Ham was born …
We are only using prime cuts, French “Provence Herbs” and spices (imported), one or two little secrets and a lot of time and love. Ham is cured in salt and air dry for 3 to 5 weeks. Making cured ham is a lengthly process, but the result is rather rewarding!!
As artisan venison product producers, our range of products varies upon hunting season and species availability.
African Venison, “your piece of Africa”