African Venison-Organic Farm Style Boerie Wors



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African Venison – Farm Style Organic Boerewors
Conservation through eating venison
Well, this is quite simple really. By eating venison, not only you consume some of the most healthy meat available out there, but you also confirm the value of wild game. Anything with a value will be looked after, this is basic economic principle. You take value away from game, and they will soon be decimated and replaced by livestock, with their habitat going from a pristine biome to some impoverished commercial farming lands.
Our FARM STYLE BOEREWORS is made of 80% venison meat mixed with 20% of grass fed cattle. It is best braaied and will keep moist and always delicious.
As artisan venison product producers, our range of products varies upon hunting season and species availability. 
African Venison, “your piece of Africa”